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Tech Recruiters Read Mean Tweets

  • Publish Date: Posted over 8 years ago
  • Author: Jennifer Bradley

Tech Recruiters Read Mean Tweets

We get it. Some people aren’t very fond of tech recruiters. We were curious to learn just how deep this sentiment runs, so we followed Jimmy Kimmel's lead and turned to Twitter to find out for ourselves. It wasn't pretty.

(Note: these tweets are not specific to MATRIX, just tech recruiters in general. Does that make it less offensive? Not really.)

Once again, we’re reminded that there is a certain stigma attached to tech recruiters and we’re doing everything we can to change it. At MATRIX, we believe recruiting shouldn’t just be a profession – it should be professional. So we launched #recruitright to shine a spotlight on common issues, with a goal of providing better recruiter interactions for the broader tech community. Our top priority is providing tech professionals with relevant job opportunities and valuable content that will ultimately help them take the next step in their careers. We feel privileged to have you in our community and we hope the feeling is mutual.

If you would like to learn what #recruitright is all about, get connected to one of our recruiters. You can start the process here or search our open jobs.

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