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The Best (And Most Rewarding) Way to Bond Your Team

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 9 years ago
  • Author: Hanna Richards

The Best (And Most Rewarding) Way to Bond Your Team

MATRIX has been annually volunteering with HouseProud Atlanta since 2012. This organization provides no-cost repairs to low-income, senior homeowners living in the greater downtown Atlanta neighborhoods. Their mission is to keep these homeowners “warm, safe, and dry” in their existing homes. MATRIX volunteered with HouseProud for the first time several years ago and we recently decided to return in 2012. Everyone has enjoyed it so much that we continue to go back every year. We’ve done everything from painting to planting, and the families are always so friendly and appreciative. It’s nice that we get to meet and interact with the people we are helping.

Last week we worked at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Smalls. Mr. Smalls is a veteran who has terminal kidney cancer and his wife, Mrs. Smalls, has a very bad lung disease. The couple wanted their house to look nice so that they can enjoy it as long as possible. We were lucky enough to get to know Mr. Smalls as he stayed outside with us the whole time and made it a point to talk to and thank everyone! It was a very rewarding experience for everyone involved.

I personally think it’s great that MATRIX has such an active community service committee. We do multiple donation drives throughout the year for various organizations such as the Salvation Army, the Atlanta Humane Society, Partnership Against Domestic Violence and many more. While partnering with these organizations is important, it’s even more valuable when we get to do something hands-on like volunteering with HouseProud or in the Fun Zone at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. It brings coworkers closer together, acts as a team-building experience and gives us the ability to help others in need…win, win, win! I hope that the community service involvement at MATRIX continues to grow year after year.

The Best (And Most Rewarding) Way to Bond Your Team

Here is what some other MATRIX team members had to say about their experience with HouseProud:

“HouseProud is always a great way to spend an afternoon with your coworkers, helping people in need. It’s nice to feel like you are making a difference in someone’s life! I’m glad that MATRIX continues to volunteer with HouseProud, and I’m excited to keep coming back each year!” – Catherine Mootz

“HouseProud is awesome! It gives us a great opportunity to help the Atlanta community in a very hands-on way (literally!). The homeowners are always so appreciative and grateful. It’s definitely rewarding to see our small repairs come together to keep them warm, safe & dry.” – Kara Ritter

“For me, it was just great to be part of something that helps people in our community who are in need of a little assistance, especially people going through a difficult time in their lives, and put a smile on their faces. It really stood out to me how kind, appreciative, and hospitable Mr. Smalls was to all of us. You could tell that he takes pride in his home. I learned that he served in both the Korean and Vietnam War! It’s always nice to be able to help someone out who has given so much to his country.” – Michelle Spears

“This was my first year in volunteering at HouseProud and it was a very fun and rewarding experience. I had a great time with my co-workers and the fact that we were able to help a family in need made the time we spent together that much more fulfilling. I think HouseProud is a wonderful program that helps many families in need and I hope we continue our support of this worthy cause.” – Savannah Dortch

“What a fun afternoon! It was great spending time with my MATRIX teammates and most importantly, being able to participate in such a wonderful activity. I feel honored that we could help out the Smalls family and hope we can do it again.” – Sage Kroell

“This is the one event I look forward to each year. It’s just the most fun. It’s hard work, but it’s very rewarding.” – Legend Wilcox

“The homeowner was so appreciative and grateful. He was outside with us the whole time, encouraging us and thanking us. It felt good to help someone and feel like we were making a difference.” – Heather Folkers

“This year was my third time participating in the HouseProud volunteer event with MATRIX. It's a great way to spend time with your coworkers while helping out a family in need and it’s a very rewarding experience. “ – Christine Geiger

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