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Making the Most of Your Internship

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 9 years ago
  • Author: Justin Thomason

Making the Most of Your Internship

Three years ago we faced a unique challenge. We knew emerging social platforms were presenting unprecedented opportunities to build meaningful and lasting relationships with our customers. But no one in our industry, including MATRIX, was doing it well. So, on a limb, we hired a socially savvy intern to help us create a solution. Today, with a focus on engagement and content, I would argue that no one in our business is better at building relationships through social platforms. If it was not for the intern’s fresh ideas and new outlook, we would not be the market leader we are. Oh, and that intern, she is already a leader at MATRIX and undoubtedly one of our most valuable employees.

Making the Most of Your Internship

Fast-forward to 2014 and you will see I have never been more bullish on the mutual value an intern program can create. Today, we have twelve interns from nine universities working across three different states. They are driving real growth and adding tremendous value to our organization. In return, they are getting some sweet, real business experience. Each day they are entrenched in emerging technology, data & financial analysis, marketing and sales. All while being paid well and having fun.

That said, not every intern is the same and some will not work out. Often, the intrinsic skills we did nothing to earn or learn are what make us successful. Sure, they can be sharpened, but you were either born with it or not. However, every semester a few always rise to the top and really stand out. And those few consistently demonstrate behaviors that can be learned. Lucky enough to land a paid internship? Keep reading. Below are a few consistent characteristics of interns who put their careers on the fast track.

Take Initiative

They ask for work instead of waiting to be assigned tasks. They spot patterns and complete repetitive duties without having to be told each time.


They tell you what has been accomplished before leaving and let you know when an assigned task has been completed. They ask good questions and are not afraid to ask others for help.


They show up on time, consistently. When we give them the freedom to create their own schedule, they stick to it.


They build trust by doing what they say they are going to do and taking pride in their work. They get over their fear and talk to other employees.

Work Ethic

They accomplish things. They understand what their expectations are and exceed them. They ask for more to do. There is no slacking and you will not see them on Facebook or sending snapchats.

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