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Anita Leto

Anita Leto is a senior facilitator and consultant for Ouellette & Associates Consulting (O&A). Her professional development and organizational consulting activities are with O&A’s Fortune 1,000 client companies from various industries.

Anita has extensive experience in the areas of internal IT marketing, client service, consulting, teambuilding, and leadership. She facilitates sessions for senior IT managers in the areas of strategic and tactical planning, GAP analysis, and culture change. She has the keen sense and ability to understand a company’s current culture and provide specific action plans and suggestions on how to evolve to their desired culture. Anita's clients include RAND, Hollstadt & Associates, The University of California-Davis, NIKE, Northwest Airlines and the United States Postal Service.

Prior to joining O&A, Anita worked for Canon, Inc. and the Unisys Corporation where she held a variety of managerial positions. She was involved in the implementation of their TQM initiatives, development of both management and technical career paths, and facilitating intercultural differences. She was also responsible for developing and delivering a wide variety of programs to reorient, reskill, and retool the IT staff. These efforts helped Unisys win national recognition and position the IT organization to work directly and successfully in the client community.

She holds an MS degree from California State University in Industrial Psychology.

Ms. Leto collaborated with other O&A consultants to write Unleashing the Power of IT: Bringing People, Business, and Technology Together, a must-read book for IT leaders, released in November 2013.

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