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Adoption and Transformation are often thought of interchangeably, but they mean two different things when associated with Agile. Agile Adoption is typically process-oriented, focusing on a local implementation of an Agile Framework like Scrum and XP or Lean-Kanban. Agile Transformation is larger in scale and focuses on long-term impact beyond the process, and may include organization changes, physical office changes, or operational changes.


We collaborate with you to determine the best approach and then execute leadership facilitation, mentoring, coaching, and best practices to improve team capabilities and ultimately create a self-sustaining Agile Organization.

You will get:


Agile Adoption or Transformation improves overall company performance to ultimately shorten your time to market. Customer satisfaction improves and you also get financial improvements, high-performing teams, high employee engagement, and Agile alignment across teams. 

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