Experience is the lifeblood of any business, and at MATRIX we have a rich supply. Without exception, the MATRIX founders and top leaders have spent the majority of their careers around technology or staffing, or both. Calm and steady, they have helped guide MATRIX through numerous market fluctuations and unforeseen economic turmoil. Through it all, the MATRIX foundation remains solid, the core values stand intact, and it's future looks bright. Read more about our history.

Gary Wood
Gary Wood Chief Executive Officer
Kenny Edgerton
Kenny Edgerton Chief Operations Officer
Robert Stovall
Robert Stovall Chief Financial Officer
Jon Davis
Jon Davis Chief Revenue Officer
Don Palmer
Don Palmer Executive Vice President of Strategic Accounts
Kathy Van Pelt
Kathy Van Pelt Vice President of Marketing
Joshua Jack
Joshua Jack Vice President of Professional Services
Elizabeth Varrenti
Elizabeth Varrenti Vice President of Professional Development